Our Leadership

Dennis Ratner

CEO and Co-Founder of Ratner Companies & Salon Professional
Dennis also serves as the company’s Chief Belief Officer
Dennis began his career in salons with his father as a licensed salon professional. With $5,000, and a business plan created over dinner on a napkin with his co-founder, Ann Ratner, he has built a successful salon company that employs over 12,000 Salon Professionals. He leads his life and business through passion and purpose. His balance comes from skiing, philanthropy, family and friends as well as his focus on running the best hair salon business, making Ratner Companies salons—Hair Cuttery, Bubbles, the Color Salon, and Salon Cielo—the salons of choice.
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Ann Ratner

COO Upscale Brands, Co-Founder of Ratner Companies & Salon Professional
Ann came to the United States from England when she was 19. Her mother had one wish for her: “I just want you to love life, and I know there’s a great world out there.” Ann has taken that wish and turned it in to one of the most well-known salon companies in the U.S. today. As a Vidal Sasoon trained stylist, Ann brought her cutting-edge, technical skills to Ratner Brands which continues to expand today by offering free training to all salon professionals. She also developed the proprietary haircare line, Cibu, with the input of Salon Professionals and her experience behind the chair. Additionally, Ann’s philanthropy work is a big part of her passion. She is currently building salons in women’s shelters where Ratner Companies does business. This allows Salon Professionals the opportunity to give back in the communities where they work and live and provides a positive impact to the women receiving the hair services.
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Phil Horvath

President and COO of Ratner Companies
Phil joined Ratner Companies in 2016, bringing with him over 25 years of beauty and salon industry leadership to his new role. He draws upon his experience in leading aggressive growth in both service and retail in the salon industry. Phil balances focus on the Guest and the Salon Professional to create best-in-class experiences. He wants the Guests to love their hair and their experience and helps Salon Professionals grow personally and professionally through Ratner Companies’ Path to Prosperity. Phil’s other interests include Soccer (he played in college), travel, and skiing. He also serves on the board of Beauty Changes Lives and Chatters Salons.
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