Ratner Companies started with one salon and two Stylists back in 1974. Dennis Ratner was an up-and-coming hairdresser working in his father's Louis salon in Washington, D.C. It was the beginning of a new era, and Dennis envisioned a unisex salon convenient for the whole family. Over dinner with then-wife and fellow Stylist Ann, Dennis sketched on a cocktail napkin a business plan that laid the groundwork for the first Hair Cuttery salon. We are a company  were it's all about the people...We are Ratner Companies We are a company  were it's all about the people...We are Ratner Companies
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Vienna, VA, February 24, 2005 – With a nod to ancient, artful hairstyles and clean, natural beauty, BUBBLES Salons and Salon Cielo and Spa have released their spring compilation of looks, the “Cibu” collection.

Named for and inspired by the salons’ own line of hair care products, the styles combine elegant, classic principles with modern-day accents of bold color, strong lines and powerful movement, making this collection anything but demure. While all of the images demonstrate this dual-influence, there are clearly two schools of design on display: everyday and fantasy.

Cibu Everyday

Hue Nu?
Long, straight hair goes geometric with this asymmetric, angular cut. Diagonal lines outline the perimeter and forehead, creating a dimensional, modern silhouette that frames the face, accentuates the eyes and begs a second glance. Burgundy highlights peeking through a dark chocolate base further enhance the cut’s natural movement and texture.

Stylists blew the model’s hair dry using a paddle brush and a dime size portion of Oso Shimmer Smoothing Solution for shine and frizz-control; the look was finished with a drop of Tsu Shine Polishing Gloss.

Tsu Shine
Large, expressive eyes take center stage thanks to a modern spin on a classic bob. Choppy fringe extends from the temple to the chin, rounding out a naturally oval face and high forehead. Stylists brought the model’s natural level 6 up to a level 9 with highlights for a vibrant, youthful pop of blonde.

For light volume and shape, stylists blew the model’s hair dry using a medium-sized round brush and two pumps of Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer. After applying Oso Shimmer for heat protection and shine, stylists smoothed the top of the cut with a flat iron; a small amount of Sticky Rice Pomade was applied to the fringe and ends for definition. An equally small drop of Tsu Shine Polishing Gloss completed the look.

Sticky Rice
It’s amazing how texture and an inspired cut can transform baby-fine hair. That’s exactly what stylists did for this model, whose bland, shoulder-length style is now a thing of the past. With a texturizing blade, stylists removed bulk and length, carving in short, wispy layers and expressive texture -- a technique which effectively bridges the short hair gap between sassy and severe. A golden blonde base and warm highlights ramped up her natural level 6.

To create workable volume, stylists blew the model’s hair dry using a round brush and four pumps of Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer. For a reflective, textured finish, stylists worked a cocktail of Sticky Rice Pomade and Oso Shimmer Smoothing Solution through the cut.

Oso Shimmer
Stylists combined rich, multi-tonal hues with a classic precision cut to create a versatile style that looks fabulous either naturally curly or elegantly straight. Applying chocolate lowlights and red plum highlights along the hairline, stylists created a jewel-like shimmer effect, then glazed the rest of the hair with auburns and coppers to finish. Horizontal graduation accentuates natural curls.

For controlled, defined texture, stylists worked a cocktail of Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer and Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce through wet hair before diffusing; a dime-sized drop of Tsu Shine Polishing Gloss enhanced reflection.

For a straight look, stylists mixed Oso Shimmer Smoothing Solution with Tsu Shine Polishing Gloss to blow out the curls. Simple, clean lines emerge to reveal an unassuming style accentuated by bold panels of color.

Mousse Lee
Modern Rock gets a nod of appreciation with this easy-going look. Stylists kept the model’s rich natural level 4 color, but added subtle caramel highlights for definition. Lots of texture adds movement for a clean yet intentionally messy effect. The right styling solutions give this cut its trademark versatility:
• Slick hair back with Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce for a conservative daytime look, or
• Piece it out with Sticky Rice Pomade for a trendy nighttime style.

Cibu Fantasy

An expert Geisha never has a single hair out of place. Cibu’s Geishalicious is no exception, but her classic chignon is a striking departure from the demure Geishas of yesterday. Contrasting rolls of golden blonde, rich onyx and chocolate brown accentuate shape and form, yet the lines remain perfectly clean. Best of all, Geishalicious can remove her hair at the end of a long day: her complex coiffure was created by wrapping extensions of curls into a wig.

Miso Knotty
Who wants to play nice when it’s so much more fun to be naughty? With braids wrapping and looping around the top of the head, Miso Knotty is an avant-garde twist on ancient Oriental art forms. Contrasting colors make this hairstyle, created with natural hair and extensions, even more striking: A defiantly modern approach to the classic updo.

Confucious Say
You needn’t consult the ancient Chinese philosopher to sum up this look that is at once playful and mysterious. Rich reds and chocolate browns vie for attention, as spheres of hair extensions wrap over an asymmetrical bob. Take away the extensions, and you have a very wearable hairstyle that’s youthful, daring and fun.

Cibu is the marriage of two distinct personalities – total heath and nutrition and fabulous, modern style. The unique line of hair care products was guided in its development by Ann Ratner, the founder of the soothing, elegant Salon Cielo and Spa, and the urban, trendy BUBBLES Salons, and tested by the salons’ expert Stylists and Artistic Teams. With Asian botanical extracts that nourish and regenerate, Cibu is the ultimate in beauty and wellness. Cibu retails at all BUBBLES Salons and most Salon Cielo and Spa locations.

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